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Our Menu

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Wine List



Chardonay, Pinot Grigio, White Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon,Shiraz, Merlot

5.95 / glass
Sparkling Wine Selection  
Moet Imperial 50.00
White Wine Selections  
Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling (WA) 26.00    
juicy peacheson the palate, along with ripe apricots and citrus  
Coppola Presents Bianco Pinot Grigio (CA) 25.00   
aromas of apple, tangerine and spice, honeydew melon and pear on the palate  
Folie A Deux, Menage aTrios, White (CA) 26.00 
a blend of Chardonay, Moscato & Chenin Blanc, a light fruity wine  
Santa Margherita, PinotGrigio (Italy) 44.00
flavors of melon & apple, a crisp dry wine  
Red Wine Selection  
Robert mondavi, Cabarnet Sauvignon (CA) 44.00    

aromas of blackberry, cherry & raspberry with a touch of spice & toast

Rodney Strong Merlot(Sonoma) 35.00  
plums,blueberrys , jammy red fruits, silky smooth finish
Jacob's  Creek Shiraz (Australia) 25.00    
berry & sweet plum flavors with a slight spice finish, loaded with fruit flavors  
Folie A Deux, Menage a Trios, White (CA) 26.00    
a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot & Cabernet, flavors of dark berries & plum  
Coppola Presents Rosso (CA) 25.00   

light fruit driven, a touch of chassis and rich ripe cherries on the nose


Beer Selection
Amstel Light - Heineken 5.00
Kingfisher (India) - Taj Mahal (India)


Michelob Ultra 4.50
Bottled Water 1.95
Perrier Sparkling Water 2.25
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, Iced Tea 2.25
Lassi  - a yogurt drink served cold, sweet or salty 3.95
Mango Lassi - mango pulp and yogurt served cold  4.25
Coffee, Tea 2.50
Masala Tea - tea cooked with Indian herbs 3.75
Mango or Orange Juice
Pahila Kadam (Starters)
1. Vegetable Samosa
Two pieces of crispy pastry with a filling of mildly spiced potatoes, green peas and fresh herbs
2. Vegetable Pakora
Assortment of vegetable fritters dipped in chick pea batter and fried
3. Onion Bhajia
Shredded onion with chick pea flour, herbs, spiced and fried
4. Aloo Papri Chat
A medley of potato and flour chips, topped with tamarind chutney and yogurt dressing
5. Tandoori Shrimp (Tandoori Jhinga)
Marinated shrimp flavored with spices and cooked in a clay oven
6. Lamb Sheekh Kabob
Finely minced lamb, flavored, skewered and grilled over glowing charcoal
7. Chicken Haryali Tikka
Succulent nuggets of chicken, marinated with fresh green herbs, cooked in a tandoor
8. Chicken Tikka
Chicken breast marinated in yogurt and other exotic spicesskewered in our clay oven
$ 8.95
9. Lamb Chops (3 pieces)
Tender lamb chops marinated with fresh herbs, ground spices and grilled over charcoal
10. Nawabi Lukme (assorted appetizers - serves two)
A combination of samosas, vegetables pakoras, chicken tikka and lamb sheekh kabob
11. The Mix Grill
Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Chops, Shrimp and Chicken Tikka served on a sizzler with  a garlic naan
12. Soup of the Day   
Do ask your server about our soup of the day $4.95
13. Children's Menu  
French Fries $3.50
Fish Fingers and Fries $7.50
Cheese Sticks $4.95
Chicken Nuggets & Fries $6.95
For your convenience an 18% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more

Shakahari (Vegetable Specialities)
1. Palak Paneer
Creamed spinach with cottage cheese with a hint of garlic and spices
2. Aloo Gobi
Potatoes and cauliflower prepared with ginger, onion and spices
3. Bhindi Masala
Okras cooked with light onion, tomato base and fresh spices
4. Baingan Bharta
Oven-roasted eggplant with onion, tomato, garlic, spices and finished with julienne ging
5. Dal Makhani
A vibrant combination of creamed lentils, flavored with butter and tempered with garlic
6. Tadka Dal
Yellow lentils flavored and tempered with Indian spices
7. Paneer Jalfraizi
Julienne cuts of cottage cheese and seasonal vegetables, sautéed with fresh ground spices
8. Navratan Korma
An exciting blend of vegetables cooked in a rich gravy
9. Vegetable Kofta in Palak gravy
Mashed vegetable balls in a creamy spinach gravy
10. Paneer Makhan Masala
Paneer in rich tomato-based gravy flavored with butter
11. Aloo Banarasi
Sliced potatoes, fried and blended in a brownish gravy, tempered with Indian spices
12. Mutter Paneer
 Combination of green peas and cottage cheese, cooked in a rich and creamy gravy
13. Malai Kofta
Mashed vegetable balls, cooked in a rich, creamy gravy
14. Chana Masala
Chick peas cooked with julienne cut ginger and other exotic spices
All entrees are served with long grain basmati rice and are cooked mild, medium, spicy or extra spicy

Murgh Laziz (Chicken Specialities)
1. Chicken Kali Mirch
Chicken sautéed with homemade cheese, bell peppers and crushed pepper cooked in a rich gravy
2. Chicken Curry
Typical homestyle chicken curry
3. Chicken Jalfraizi
Sauteed chicken tenders with fresh herbs, onions, tomatoes, green bell peppers cooked with freshly ground roasted spices
4. Chicken Shahi Korma
Tender pieces of chicken, sautéed with green bell peppers, almonds, raisins and cooked in mild, creamy gravy
5. Chicken Shakuti
Chicken cooked in a rich gravy with fresh Goan spices and a dash of roasted coconut powder
6. Chicken Tikka Masala
Barbecue chicken cooked in a delicious, zesty gravy
7. Chicken Kada Masala
Chicken cooked with ginger, garlic and spring onion in gravy
8. Chicken Tikka Bhuna
Barbecue chicken tikka cooked in a thick gravy with tomatoes and fresh herbs
9. Chicken Saagwala
Curry chicken cooked in a rich creamy spinach gravy
10. Chicken Vindaloo
Chicken cooked in fresh ground Goan spices, simmered in a tangy gravy with cocktail onions and potatoes
11. Chicken Madras
Fairly spiced chicken cooked and flavored with freshly ground Madras spices
12. Butter Chicken (Chicken makhani)
Shredded barbecue chicken cooked in a rich, thick tomato – based gravy, flavored with spices and butter

All chicken entrees are prepared skinless and boneless

Laziz Gosht (Lamb Specialities)
1. Lamb Madras
Tender morsels of lamb, fairly spiced, cooked and flavored with Madras spices
2. Lamb Roganjosh
Lamb cooked in a tomato based gravy, onion, ginger, fresh tomatoes and fresh ground spices
3. Palak Ghosht
Succulent cubes of lamb cooked in a rich, creamy spinach gravy
4. Lamb Shakuti
Tender pieces of lamb cooked in rich gravy, flavored with fresh ground Goan spices, and a dash of roasted coconut powder
5. Lamb Kada Masala
Fresh chunks of lamb cooked with ginger, garlic, spring onion and gravy
6. Lamb Kali Mirch
Lamb sauteed with homemade cheese, bell peppers and crushed pepper   cooked in a rich gravy
7. Lamb Vindaloo
Succulent cubes of lamb cooked in a spicy, pungent vinaigerette gravy with potatoes, cocktail onion and fresh ground Goan spices
8. Boti Kabob Masala
Tender barbecue pieces of lamb cooked in a delicious gravy
9. Bhuna Lamb
Tender morsels of lamb cooked in a thick gravy, topped with tomatoes and fresh herbs
10. Lamb Korma
Succulent cubes of lamb sautéed with almonds, raisins, cooked in a mild creamy gravy
11. Lamb Chops Sikandari
Tender lamb chops marinated with fresh herbs and ground spices, cooked in a thick gravy
12. Keema Mutter
Ground lamb, combined with green peas, cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, onion, cilantro and fresh spices
All entrees are served with long grain basmati rice and cooked mild, medium, spicy or extra spicy

Tandoori Namoone
1. Saffron Shrimp (kesari jhinga)
Shrimp marinated in saffron and spiced, grilled in a tandoor
2. Fish Tikka (Tandoori machli)
Boneless salmon cubes marinated in fresh ground spices and cooked to perfection in a tandoor
3. Chicken Haryali Tikka
Succulent nuggets of marinated chicken with fresh green herbs and cooked in a tandoor
4. Chicken Tikka
Succulent nuggets of marinated chicken and grilled in a tandoor
5. Lamb Chops (barra kabob)
Tender lamb chops marinated with fresh herbs, ground spices and grilled over charcoal
6. Lamb Sheekh Kabob
Finely ground lamb flavored, skewered and grilled over charcoal
7. Tandoori chicken (tandoori murgh)
A whole spring chicken, marinated overnight in yogurt, with fresh ground spices, and cooked in a clay oven
Half  $14.95
Whole $17.95
8. Bombay House Mixed Grill
An assortment of Tandoori Chicken, Lamb, Shrimp and Chicken tikka, accompanied by freshly baked garlic nan

All the entrees are served with a curry sauce

Khaaz Nazarane (Kabob Rolls)
1.Shrimp Kabob Roll
Tawa Shrimp tossed and grilled with onions tomatoes and rolled in nan
2. Chicken Kabob Roll
Succulent, boneless chicken kabobs tossed with onions and fresh herbs and rolled in nan
3. Paneer-Vegetable Roll
Sauteed, Julienne cut cottage cheese mixed with vegetables and fresh herbs, and rolled in nan

Made to order mild, medium or spicy

Samudra Se (Seafood Specialities)
1.Goan Fish Curry
Cubes of fish marinated in Goan ground spices and simmered in a tangy gravy
2. Shrimp Masala
Shrimp cooked in a zesty gravy, flavored with curry leaves
3. Bhuna Shrimp
Shrimp cooked in a lightly spiced thick gravy with garam masala and dried fenugreek

Chawal ki Kushboo (Rice Specialities - Biryanis )
1.Vegetable Biryani
A combination of garden fresh vegetables, mild spices, cooked with saffron basmati rice
2. Chicken Biryani
Chicken marinated in yogurt, spices and fresh herbs, cooked with saffron basmati rice
3. Lamb Biryani
Tender chunks of lamb marinated in yogurt and garam masala, cooked with saffron basmati rice
4. Shrimp Biryani
Marinated shrimp, herb and spices cooked with saffron basmati rice

All entrees are cooked with almonds and raisins and served with raita

Taazi Rotiyaan (Fresh Bread)
1. Peshawari Nan
Nuts, raisins, paneer stuffed in unleavened bread
2. Tandoori Roti
Whole wheat bread
3. Paratha
Multi-layered, flaky bread made of whole wheat
4. Aloo Paratha
Flaky, whole wheat bread stuffed with spicy potato
5. Kheema Nan
Ground spiced lamb stuffed in unleavened bread
6. Nan
Unleavened bread, light and fluffy
7. Butter Nan
Unleavened bread, light and fluffy, topped with butter
8. Garlic Nan
Unleaveaned bread topped with garlic
9. Chilli Nan
Unleavened bread topped with chillis
10. Cheese Nan
Unleavened bread stuffed with cheese, onion and fresh herbs, and made mild, medium or spicy
11. Onion Kulcha
Unleavened bread stuffed with chopped onion and fresh herbs, and made mild, medium, or spicy
12. Chef’s Special Bread
Stuffed with chopped chicken, lamb, cheese, potatoes onions and fresh herbs (recommended as an appetizer)
13. Assorted Bread
Combination of any three breads-
(Nan, Roti, Onion Kulcha, Paratha or Garlic Nan)

Traditional breads freshly baked on the hot walls of a clay oven

Side Orders
1. Papadam
Large grilled or fried lentil wafers with a hint of black pepper (4 pieces)
2. Kachumber Salad
Indian salad mixed with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions,  green chilies, cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice
3. Raita
Homemade yogurt mixed with cucumber and tomatoes
4. Plain Yogurt
Homemade yogurt
5. Mixed Pickle
Mango, lemon, carrot, green chili, mustard seeds, ginger, fenugreek, chili-powder, turmeric, asafoetida, salt, corn oil and spices
6. Mango Chutney
Smooth and tangy, tropical mango relish
7. Rice
Naturally fragrant long grain rice from the foothills of the Himalayas
8. Side of Curry
9. Special Makhni Sauce
Smooth and tangy, tropical mango relish


Suhavana Meetha (Sweet Memories)
1. Rasmalai
Petite dumplings cooked in milk, topped with nuts
$ 3.95
2. Gulab Jamoon
Dry milk powder stuffed cheese balls, deep fried and dipped in light sugar syrup and rose water
$ 3.95
3. Mango Ice Cream
Homestyle ice cream made with fresh mango pulp
$ 4.50
4. Rice Kheer
A dessert made with basmati rice, milk, sugar, nuts and raisins
$ 3.95
5. Pistachio Kulfi
Traditional Indian ice cream made of pistachio, milk and cream
$ 4.25

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