Lunch Menu

All chicken entrees are prepared skinless and boneless.
All entrees are served with long grain basmati rice and are cooked mild, medium,
spicy or extra spicy, served with 1/2 nan, raita, pickles, papad and dessert.
Add a samosa for $1.50

1. Dal Makhani
A vibrant combination of creamed lentils, flavored with butter and tempered with garlic
$ 7.25
2. Tadka Dal-
Yellow lentils flavored and tempered with Indian spices
$ 7.25
3. Mutter Paneer-
Combination of green peas and cottage cheese, cooked in a rich and creamy gravy
$ 7.75
4. Navratan Korma-
An exciting blend of vegetables cooked in a rich gravy
$ 7.75
5. Chana Masala-
Chick peas cooked with julienne cut ginger and other exotic spices
$ 7.75
6. Aloo Palak-
Potatoes cooked in spinach gravy
$ 7.75
7. Paneer Makhan Masala-
Paneer in rich tomato-based gravy flavored with butter
$ 8.25
8. Chicken Vindaloo-
Chicken cooked in fresh Goan spices, tangy gravy with cocktail onions and potato
$ 9.00
9. Chicken Shahi Korma-
Chicken sauteed with green bell peppers, almonds, raisins, and cooked in a mild, creamy, gravy
$ 9.00
10. Chicken Kada Masala-
Chicken cooked with ginger, garlic and spring onion in gravy.
$ 9.00
11. Chicken Shakuti- Chicken cooked in a rich gravy with fresh Goan spices and a dash of roasted coconut powder
$ 9.00
12. Chicken Kali Mirch- Lamb sauteed with homemade cheese, bell peppers and crushed pepper cooked in a rich gravy
$ 9.00
13. Lamb Kada Masala-
Fresh chunks of lamb cooked with ginger, garlic, spring onion, and gravy
$ 9.75
14. Lamb Korma
Succulent cubes of lamb sauteed with almonds, raisins cooked in a mild creamy gravy
$ 9.75
15. Lamb Vindaloo Cubes of lamb cooked in a spicy, with potatoes, cocktail onions and fresh ground Goan spices
$ 9.75
16. Lamb Shakuti Pieces of lamb cooked with fresh ground Goan spices and a dash of roasted coconut powder
17. Lamb Kali Mirch- Lamb sauteed with homemade cheese, bell peppers and crushed pepper cooked in a rich gravy.
$ 9.75
18. Bhuna Lamb
Tender morsels of lamb cooked in a thick gravy, topped with tomatoes and fresh herbs
$ 9.75
19. Goan Fish Currysi
Cubes of fish marinated in Goan ground spices and simmering in a tangy gravy
$ 10.75
20. Shrimp Masala
Shrimp cooked in a zesty gravy, flavored with curry leaves
$ 12.25

Thanda Garam(Beverages)

1. Soda or Iced Tea
(free refills)
$ 2.50
2. Coffee, Tea (Masala tea)
tea cooked with Indian herbs
$ 3.00
3. Lassi
A yogurt drink served cold, sweet or salty
$ 4.25
4. Mango Lassi
Mango pulp and yogurt served cold
$ 4.50
5. Mango Juice, Orange Juice
$ 3.50
6. Bottle Water
$ 2.25
7. Perrier Water
$ 2.50

Beer Selection

Amstel Light, Heineken $5.00
Kingfisher(Indian larger) $5.95
Taj Mahal $5.95
Michelob Light $4.50
Wine – (glass) $7.00
Customize your dish
Add Veggies $4.00
Add Paneer $5.00
Add Chicken $6.00
Add Lamb $7.00

Add Shrimp


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11:30 – 2:30

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